Brief About Vision

Welcome to Vision Kuwait for Environmental Project Management Services Co.
The need to find practical and sustainable solutions to environmental problems has never been more pressing. With environmental problems growing in complexity, finding ways and means to solve them require increasing expertise and know-how.

Vision Kuwaiti Company for Environmental Solutions is a leading Kuwaiti environmental consultancy and services firm striving to bridge the gap between multifaceted environmental problems and their solutions.

Vision Kuwaiti Company’s strength is our commitment to providing performance-based solutions. Flexible but focused, highly professional, yet cost effective, these solutions aim at striking a balance between being environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Shared knowledge, teamwork, and enjoying a broad base of technical, environmental and business expertise enables us to offer our clients a dynamic, innovative and comprehensive package of environmental solutions and services. In addition, Vision Kuwaiti Company enjoys sound partnerships with several international consultancy firms, which makes it possible to tailor broad environmental solutions to projects funded by bilateral and multilateral donors.

Our Mission

Vision Kuwaiti Co. is committed to a role of environmental, sustainable and socially responsible leadership in all survives can help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provides the integrated environmental solutions and services through understanding our customers, developing new technologies, and engaging our people in a culture of continuous improvement while respecting the environment.

Our Strength

By choosing the “Vision” company environmental consultant, you have decided to rely on team work is characterized by objectivity, efficiency and credibility, helps you improve your business in the near term and long term.

Our Experience

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Environmental Management Planning

Waste Recycling and Oil Recovery

Spirit of Desert Management

Sand Movement Management

Oil Contamination Treatment