Mobile LAB


The Vision Mobile Laboratory (VML) is designed, equipped and organized to perform exceptional analysis as well as staffed with only the brightest most experienced Experts. The layout of each laboratory is intended to promote efficient operation of instrumentation and cooperation between experts and technicians when applicable.

The Vision Mobile Laboratory (VML) examines the quality of air, water, sewage sludge, noise and other issues that affect the environment. The VML is equipped with all the testing equipment required to conduct tests and research on site. This is very critical as testing on site will provide accurate assessment of the samples preventing any changes or expiration of the samples. The VML has been designed to be very stable and steady to prevent any calibration of the equipment during its movement, or when stationed on site.
The lab is a car designed to be moving environmental laboratory contains monitoring devices and advanced environmental analysis, as well as connection devices via satellite and GPS devices.

The lab also contains a central wireless computer associated with two PC laptop to enable the experts to work on environmental tests at the field in the real time with the ability to save data then send them to The VISION company.

The working process in The VML is more flexible than the fixed laboratories, because of the ability of taking environmental samples of soil, plants, water and air and stored them then delivered the samples to the main laboratory (Advanced Biotechnology Center) to analyze and monitor the environmental pollutants amount.

The mobile lab follows a strict Quality Assurance-Quality Control (QA/QC) protocol and fully validated methodology as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the results can be used reliably in court.

The Vision Mobile Laboratory is in constant demand by VML field staff. To maximize its use, the VML frequently arranges to analyze samples from more than one contaminated site in a district. Because the mobile lab has the capability to analyze samples unattended overnight, it can handle as many as 20 to 30 samples per day.