Quality System / Policy

Quality System / Policy

The goal of the Quality System is to ensure that business operations are conducted with the highest standards of professionalism . To achieve this goal, it is necessary that provide not only scientifically sound, well documented, and regulatory compliant data, but also provide the highest quality service experience available in the industry, Quality System is designed to provide a framework for continuous improvement within the organization, minimize systematic error, and to encourage constructive, documented problem solving.


Through the use of dedicated mobile laboratory and chemists it is Vision Mobile Lab policy to:
Provide high quality, consistent, and objective environmental testing services that meet all municipal regulatory requirements.
Generate data that are scientifically sound, legally defensible, meet project objective, and are appropriate for their intended use.
Build continuous improvement mechanisms into all laboratory, administrative, and managerial activities.
Maintain a working environment that fosters open communication with both clients and staff.
Provide Vision Mobile Lab clients with the highest level of professionalism and the best service practices in the industry.

Management Commitment to Quality Assurance

Vision Mobile Lab management is committed to providing the highest quality data and the best service in the environmental testing industry. To ensure that the data produced and reported by Vision Mobile Lab meet the requirements of its clients and comply with the letter and spirit of municipal and state regulations,Vision Mobile Lab maintains a Quality System that is clear, effective, well communicated, and supported at all levels in the company.